So it’s national breastfeeding week! Great! I’ve been asked by many friends and blog readers why I haven’t posted or touched upon this seeing as I am still breastfeeding… and so it made me think…and it’s because I’m! Just now I’ve had my gorgeous, nearly 20 month old, pull my nipples, slap my boobies, switching from side to side, relentlessly, for the last hour while I tried to get him to sleep.

He loves it but he also plays with the fact that I know he loves it! He is totally in charge of me. During the day he constantly tries to shove his hand down my top to touch them…I mean, it’s a little bit similar to harassment haha!!! I mean it’s quite intense! And my poor husband isn’t allowed to go near them because quite frankly, at the moment, for me they’re just lumps which get abused day in day out…there is no feeling in them apart from pain when there’s no more milk but my little lion still needs them to fall asleep or to comfort him …

So that’s why I haven’t posted or written a lovely quote on breastfeeding. Because this is my reality right now. And it’s only my fault. And yes, if I had another child I would breastfeed and if they loved it as much as my boy does now, I would sacrifice my boobies all over again for them! But it is hard work and it is constant!

And is it that much better for them? Yes I truly believe it is. But purely for nutrition. I think the whole bond thing is nonsense! I have an amazing bond with my boy because he’s my boy, not because I breastfeed!

After our holiday (there is no chance I can wean him off whilst being in a bikini all day!) I really must try and cut back on feeds and try and ignore his exasperated, sad face and stick another rice cake in his mouth instead… I’m dreading it!

Happy breastfeeding week from one fed up breastfeeding mama to the other!

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